I'm not really into navel-gazing descriptions of workflow, or into fashion photography, but here's a pointer to Patrick Lavoie's thorough description of Digital Photography Workflow: Fashion Photography:

As a professional photo retoucher and digi-tech (digital assistant), my job is fairly simple yet stressful during a photo shoot. My job is to make sure everything is under control, backed up, and retouched before delivery. I work with many different fashion photographers, and all of them during the day rely on my expertise to create a workflow that works for them and for me - a workflow that is easy, reliable, and effective so the photographer can quickly see anything he needs to approve over my shoulder. The following is my workflow, the one that work for me and my client.

He's French-Canadian, so one's got to excuse the appearance of Lightroom being described as its “apparition”…. I don't think that's a comment on the ghost folder issue though.