AppleScript as #lightroom Export Action Feel a blog post coming on. But how many Mac users actually use AppleScript?

A smoking gun?

Although mainly a PC user, I also have a Mac laptop and do like its AppleScript and Automator scripting/automation features. I’ve little doubt that if I only used Mac I would quickly find various ways of saving myself time – maybe enough to outweigh the time spent on the learning curve. Yet I’ve always been surprised that Lightroom users who are real Mac enthusiasts – you know the type, the wide-eyed evangelists – never seem remotely interested in these tools and rarely mention them. I’ve never been able to understood why not, but for Mac-using photographers Applescript and Automator remain well off the beaten track.

Now, in “the community of Lightroom talking heads” anyone can retread step-by-step Lightroom tutorials, and many will do them better than I. My style is to come up with far more than my fair share of ingenious workflows and original insights into the program. So a couple of weeks ago an interesting twist on the topic of AppleScript and Automator popped up in a forum, and I tweeted some thoughts beginning with this.

And now, coincidentally, there appears this post Automating Your (Mac-only) Workflow. Well-written, but come on…. I’ve no problem with people picking up on ideas I’ve aired, but at least acknowledge where the spark originated.