Since the misty dawn of time, or 2007 to be precise, Lightroom has supplied a set of default web galleries which are suitable for individual sets of pictures, if not providing the complete multi-gallery web sites that many people always expect they’re getting when they see a program like LR offers web output. Little has changed since their introduction – or really needed to be changed, at least not by Adobe themselves.

But if you ever use these default galleries there are little details that aren’t ideal and for a few years I’ve maintained my own shadow version of the built-in HTML gallery. I’ve sent it to various people who have asked “why can’t I change the thumbnail size?” or “how do I show the filename in the grid instead of index numbers?” and after the latest such request I thought I’d just leave it online for anyone who wants it.

It goes in:

  • PC: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Web galleries
  • Mac: USER\Library\Application Support\Adobe\Lightroom\Web galleries

You may have to create the “Web galleries” folder.

What are my tweaks? Mostly they affect the thumbnail pages:

  • Rounded corners
  • Choose size of thumbnails
  • Set size of thumbnail number text
  • Filenames or characters from filenames (unique ID numbers) instead of thumbnail numbers
  • Show star ratings under thumbnails
  • Thumbnail grids with more or fewer rows
  • Clicking large images takes you to next photo instead of returning to the grid
  • On main photo page, clicking the image advances to the next image instead of returning to the thumbnail grid
  • You can suppress the titles and contact areas – easier to cut and paste into existing HTML pages

This is supplied “as is” and without any support. If you like it, great.