The third feature in this little list is something which I won't swear is new, but which if it was there in version 1 is something I never noticed and can't get working now - autocomplete drop down lists.

Previously Lightroom remembered whatever you'd entered in the Metadata panel, and would then autocomplete your entry the next time you started off typing something similar in the same box. That could be both helpful and an irritant, especially when a few of the most recent entries began similarly. Still, I liked the feature.

What LR2 does is take the 12 most-recent entries and displays them in a list when you click the field's name. So here I clicked Title and LR shows me the most recent entries in that field, and it's the same for most other items in the panel. It's a real time saver, and makes me wonder if there's anything I can hack which will make LR remember many more of recent entries….