For some it was too early to go bed, others seem to have stayed up to make their LR3 Beta post goes out on the 9pm Pacific Time dot, while one Lightroom geek regularly burns the midnight oil till dawn. Here after double checking the time difference, then adding an hour, I left my blog software to release the series of posts while enjoying the pleasures of the Beardy bed.

So while this Lightroom organ slept, what have others been trumpeting? And, while I wanted to point out the less obvious, what should I have included?

Top of Gene McCullagh's list is the watermark editor that's “finally” in Export. So true. Coming from iView/Expression Media, it's always irked me that a proper built-in watermarking feature hasn't been a higher priority.

Richard Earney starts with the new import dialog, or as he calls it the “new Import experience”. Such a good word, experience.

Sean McCormack also starts with import (the beginning is a logical place to start) and mentions that it has a new type of preset - import presets where you can save locations from where you're importing and related target folders and metadata/develop presets. Otherwise “the controls are much the same as 2.x”. Yes.

From LR developer Eric Scouten is a good point - “As teammate Troy Gaul says, it