This File Info panel floats over the Lightroom window and updates as you move from picture to picture. In Develop, it can display additional EXIF info that you can’t display in the built-in Info Overlay.

I’ve just released ListView 1.59 with a series of significant changes and improvements:

  • Easier to change data displayed
    • Click the triangle in the column header
    • A new dialog box replaces the previous long drop down lists
  • Display and output Develop fields
    • Slows down performance (there’s no batch access)
    • Freely mix Develop data with
    • Sort by Develop data
    • Save sorted items to a collection (the sort is in the “user order”)
  • Display and output various other fields
    • Video
    • Folder paths
    • Pick flags
    • Edit count and time
  • Completely new floating “File Info” panel (shown right)
    • Only available in Lightroom 4
    • Displays info about same 10 fields as List View
    • Floats, so you can move from file to file in grid view or the filmstrip
    • Display more EXIF info while you’re working in Develop
    • Put it on a second monitor
  • Two additional panels for Metadata
    • A File Info panel including folders, file size
    • One bringing together copyright and other minimal data entry
  • Save export data to location other than the desktop
    • It’s a preference in Plug-In Manager
  • A lot more logging
    • So much more that it really slows things down
    • Switch it on when (if) you need it

What do you think? What else might it do?