Over at Lightroom forums someone asked what people think are the 10 strongest points of Lightroom? While my initial reaction was a Keanesque “you've got eyes, haven't you, what do you think?”, it's actually not a bad question and nicely follows up my post from the other day. After all, for all the moaning about things I don't think are right, I do use Lightroom for positive reasons.

So in descending order, my ten favourites:

  1. Adjusting and managing raw files in a single program - we easily forget how radical Aperture was….
  2. Bringing together in one place pictures from multiple drives, whether they're online or offline
  3. Auto Sync mode for adjusting multiple images simultaneously
  4. Targeted adjustment tool for black and white, and for colour correction - elegant
  5. Local adjustment brush and gradient tool - beautifully done
  6. Smart Collections - could do much better though
  7. How collections quietly store the last Print, Web or Slideshow settings applied to them
  8. Print - though not Web, not Slideshow
  9. Use of templates for saving frequently-used settings
  10. Keyboard shortcuts