Version 2.0 is now available and includes some significant improvements:

  • Supports Adobe’s v2 profiles for X-T3 and X-T30 cameras
  • Support for X-H1 Eterna film simulation
  • Extracts maker notes as custom fields which can be filtered and used in smart collections
  • Can run a preset if the camera detected faces. This lets you run a preset for sharpening suited to portraits, for example.
  • Read ratings and film simulations from JPEG-only shots
  • Key Fuji metadata is shown in the Metadata panel and Library Filter

    Expert Mode

    • Incremental Lightroom slider values
    • Ranges of values – eg FacesDetected tag greater than 1 can apply a portrait preset
  • Better logging



As well as English, X-LR supports Italian, German and French, but I would appreciate help with Lightroom’s other languages – I have Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Portuguese ready. Email me if you feel like translating about 20 pieces of text in return for a free licence.

What’s New in Version 2 of X-LR….

Eterna film simulation supported

New custom fields automatically populated

Filter by custom field

Automatically set up filter columns