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Eterna and other new film simulation support

In version 2, which was softly-released in 2023, I added code for the plugin to detect Bleach Bypass, Nostalgic Negative and other film simulations that Fuji have added in more recent camera models. The mapping of Fuji data was done and the plugin makes the new metadata available in Library Filter, smart collections, and the Metadata panel.

The new film simulations and profiles are highlighted in the plugin’s dialog box.


Unfortunately Adobe had changed the way Lightroom handles these newer profiles, making it impossible to apply them via a plugin. With these newer film simulations it now requires not just a name like “Camera BLEACH BYPASS” but an internal ID number like “A8177E7D9DCDE45D26DEFB3554ECFA3B”. This ID cannot be guessed, it seems to vary by camera model, may vary by Lightroom or firmware version, and Adobe provide no method for a plugin to calculate it.

I am dealing directly with Adobe and may be able to resolve the problem.

Workaround, as least on Mac

For now, what you need to do is create a Develop preset which specifies the film simulation, and then select that preset in the Develop Preset column of the plugin.

Also, this method may only work on Mac. Again, I am in direct contact with Adobe about the problem.