The sales process is simple and automated:

  • Try the plugin first
    • It works on 5 images at a time
    • All functions are available
  • Click the button to buy a registration code
    • Major credit cards and Paypal
    • USD, EUR, GBP
    • The order process with VAT or sales tax is conducted by Paddle, the Merchant of Record for all orders which provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns
    • You’ll get 2 emails from Paddle
      • purchase receipt
      • order containing the registration code
      • keep these safe

Registration code

Enter the registration code in Lightroom’s Plugin Manager.

  1. The green check mark should become visible when you enter a valid code.
  2. If you cut and paste the code, be careful not to include a space at the start or end of the code.

The code applies to all your computers.

What about Updates?

I don’t charge for updates of the plugin, either for new cameras or for new versions of Lightroom.