Ian Lyons has written a nice tutorial on locating missing files and folders in Lightroom. Most of all he points to a little-known detail - even when the targeted folder isn't missing, you can force the program to display the Locate Missing Folders command. This is invaluable when you use Explorer/Finder to move large numbers of files to a new drive. It's always best to copy the folders first, not move them. You can then force Lightroom to reset the folder paths, check there are no missing files in the new location, and then delete the files in the old location.

Also on Lightroom, Matthew Campagna at The Turning Gate is doing some excellent work creating new web templates. Adobe were, I'll put it gently, very adventurous with their choice of XML/XSLT for the templates, and I'm amazed that any real people have persevered with it as much as Matthew has.