I know, I've said before that I'm too English or middle-aged to appreciate words like “awesome” or “wow”. And I wouldn't normally mention Matt Kloskowski's latest Lightroom tip as it isn't new to me - but I do appreciate the rant:

So here's an easy one that I've been using a lot lately (because I just discovered it). It's the V key in the Develop module. This simple little key changes your photo from color to grayscale. By the way, the word “grayscale” is just geek-speak for Black & White. Seriously, I don't understand why it's not called Black and White. That's what photographers call it right? I know graphic designers use the term grayscale but when was the last time you said “Hey, he shoots a lot of great grayscale stuff”, or “Wow, look at that awesome grayscale photo!”

Take a bow, Matt, you're in exclusive company. Some of us hate “grayscale” so much we've abolished it. Realisant, mon espoir.