In Lightroom Journal, Adobe developer Eric Scouten shows a Mac-limited application that accesses a GPS device's log file and writes the metadata to raw files.

That's a coincidence. I've had a Garmin Foretrex 101 for a month or two and had previously failed to get it to talk to my D200 (method here and using the GXGND2 cable), but I'm off to the Lake District next week and for two weeks in Switzerland soon afterwards, so a couple of days ago I had another go at setting them up. And of course, the solution was as high tech as pushing in a cable a little bit harder - doh - and so yesterday morning I tried it out in Nunhead cemetery. It wrote stunningly-precise locations directly into my raw files' EXIF, but at the end of my walk the unit must have powered down and a couple of pictures had no coordinates.

I don't plan to get anal about GPS, and I don't want to buy Garmin's serial connector (!) to connect the device to my PC or their serial-USB converter for my Mac laptop. But I am curious enough to have spent a chunk of yesterday evening investigating how to complete the missing info from a log file. After all, surely one could write the track log, which is just xml, in Notepad? Not quite finished yet, but I was using ImageIngesterPro - specifically its forthcoming 2.3 which is in late beta. IIP does a whole lot more than write GPS (via exiftool) and the application is cross platform.

Apart from Eric's post, I recently read two articles about drag and drop from Lightroom, which Adobe haven't implemented on Windows. It might be a good idea for Adobe and other Lightroom writers to take a self-denying ordinance not to write about platform-limited solutions, or at the very least to complain rather than apologise (feebly) for doing so. Adobe should be providing an identical experience for most of their users, not just those on the Mac, so if a feature doesn't work on both platforms, shouldn't they disable it on both? That would put the pressure on, don't you think?