As I have written in another post, I am a big advocate of importing files using the Embedded and Sidecar Preview workflow. With my Fuji X-T2 set to Raw+JPEG, it allows LR to quickly display full resolution previews from the sidecar JPEGs. But once I have reviewed the pictures, I no longer need the JPEGs for any purpose and they just use up storage space, so for a couple of years I have been using this little script which you may also found useful:

The script simply loops through the selected raw files, looks in the Explorer/Finder folder for JPEGs with corresponding names, and deletes any it finds. Other JPEGs, for example ones which you shot on the phone and don’t match a raw file, are ignored. Two little details:

  • The script can’t tell Lightroom that the JPEG has gone, so you’ll still see RAW+JPEG on thumbnails. You can get rid of this by either:
    • Doing a Folder > Synchronize – which is what I do
    • Running batch rename – what I used to do

The script’s free and not supported.

Installation and setup instructions are at the start of the file.