A not altogether random selection of blogs:

  • John Paul Caponigro now has a blog and mentions he has written 3 new artist's statements this summer alone (each a classic of its type). Interestingly, he has also used Blurb for a new book of photos and had a good experience. Interesting as I've been also looking at it instead of Lulu. Shame I can't do it from Lightroom….
  • Lightroom engineer Eric Scouten has also written this week about using smart collections to manage workflow.
  • Photo Attorney is a US lawyer who works for photographers and covers issues both sides of the pond. After all, we're in the same mess….
  • War on Photography is about how (some) police and (most) security guards fight the good war against Osama bin Laden
  • Edward Vallance is an academic historian who writes on 17th century history or as he puts it “Radicalism, history and occasional pop culture references”