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If you are moving from Aperture to Lightroom, this article and the comments should prove helpful

Never pay a penny for presets – one of 10 tips for new users



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10 tips for new users

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Moving from Aperture to Lightroom

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John Beardsworth's Lightroom advice and training, plug-ins and web galleries, custom solutions

Syncomatic 5

Yesterday I released version 5 of Syncomatic which has some big changes: It’s now a single menu item and dialog box including all ways of matching files It can now copy from Masters to VCs and vice versa, with an option to target only the selected VCs/stack members or to extend the sync to all more

Lightroom 13.3

Lightroom 13.3 is out today, and I recommend you watch Julieanne Kost’s excellent video on the new AI-powered Generative Remove tool introduced in Lightroom 13.3. Stay till the end – the three quick tips are real timesavers. In some cases you may not want or be allowed to publish any AI-generated content in a photograph, more

Video Metadata 2.1

I've updated my Video Metadata plugin with a small but potentially-useful option suggested by a user - saving the Will Export keywords to the video.

Lightroom 13 – if you read anything….

If you read anything about the newly-released Lightroom 13, put aside any of your thoughts about HDR and read this article High Dynamic Range Explained by Adobe's senior engineer Eric Chan. To me Adobe's prioritising HDR editing is an educated bet on where we are going to be in the not-too-distant future, it's Adobe trying to get ahead of the game, and only time will tell - no matter how useless I find it.

Capture Time to EXIF updates

I've recently added a couple of new features to my Capture Time to EXIF plugin both requested by users - you can now set much older dates, and when updating multiple images, you can now add various intervals to each image in the batch.

Opinions on Microsoft One Drive?

Adobe have recently said that they're discontinuing the Creative Cloud Synced files service by February 2024. As the Microsoft 365 account for Office includes 1 TB of free storage, what do you think about it as an alternative?

Linked Photoshop smart objects

Is there an option to create a linked smart object instead of an embedded one when exporting a photo to PS? No, sadly LR cannot directly create a linked smart object, so you have to do something like this: First in LR select the image and do a Save Metadata to File (CmdS on Mac, more

Search and Replace 2.2

I've just released version 2.2 of my Search and Replace. The main changes are in the Workflow Filters area where I've added more fields which can be displayed in Library Filter or smart collections. I've also added a command to delete JPEG sidecars for selected raw files, and Caption Builder can now write to title, headline, instructions and to the plugin's 16 custom fields.