Code BLACKFRIDAY saves 50% – Offer closes 26th November 2018

Fuji camera user?

Want my X-LR plugin which automatically applies the Lightroom profile corresponding to the film simulation you used? Well, as the sales department puts it, there’s never been a better time to buy X-LR.

You can buy the plugin from the main X-LR page.

Enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout and you get a 50% discount. The offer is available right now and it will last until 26th November.


And coming soon….

An updated version is almost ready – and you can try it now, maybe even get something you want added to the update. The new features include:

  • Apply a Develop preset if the camera detected faces
    • Useful to apply a sharpening preset you have fine tuned for portraits
  • Display Fuji camera settings in the Library Filter and Metadata panel
    • It’s easier to analyse your work
    • I am still working to understand the focus point data, but it may prove interesting in future!
  • Display sharpening and noise reduction adjustments in the Library Filter, which makes it easier to review how you processed a series of images. For example:
    • Easily find images where you may have set the Detail slider too high
    • See that for higher ISO speeds you have set higher noise reduction

Here is it (zip file).