I’m pleased to announce that Search Replace Transfer is now available for sale at Tim Armes’s site Photographer’s Toolbox.

Search Replace Transfer is a Lightroom 2 and 3 plug-in designed for bulk changes to text in Metadata Panel fields:

  1. Searches and replaces text like a word processor
  2. Appends text before or after existing text
  3. Transfers text between fields
  4. Transfers metadata from iView/Expression Media to 18 custom fields
  5. Audits title, caption and keyword entry

I’m already working on extending the plug-in:

  • Include the IPTC Extension fields (LR3 users only)
  • Presets and menus for frequently-used settings (eg filename to title)

Why Photographer’s Toolbox rather than here? Well, Tim is already using Photographer’s Toolbox to distribute his popular plug-ins LRTransporter, LRMogrify and LREnfuse, so we’re working alongside each other to make the site the obvious place to look for high quality plug-ins. Secondly, it means I can take advantage of his tried and tested licensing and distribution mechanism. That helps me offer trial versions of plug-ins, and provide the possibility for automatic updating of the plug-ins (based on code from Jeffrey Friedl). My other plug-ins will soon follow – probably Lockstatic, Syncomatic, and Open Directly in that order. And new ones too.