I’ve just released version 1.22 of my Lightroom plug-in Search Replace Transfer with two new menu commands:

  • Smart collection from current item
  • Smart collection from current item – again

These two menu commands are designed for quick filtering of the catalogue based on the image that is currently selected.

For example, imagine you want to find all the pictures in the catalogue with “Autumn leaves” in the title or “Ashness Gate” in the location. In the latter case, it may be that you’ve just visited the location again and want to copy keywords and other metadata from a previous visit. You could go to Library’s filter panel, choose the field, and type in the text, or alternatively you could set up a smart collection. These menu commands save you that typing.

The main command “Smart collection from current item” launches a dialog box listing the fields. You make your choice, click OK, and the plug-in creates a smart collection such as “location / contains all / Ashness Gate”. The second menu command “Smart collection from current item – again” simply runs the same code without prompting you for a different field. So you could quickly create a series of smart collections for Ashness Gate, Ashness Bridge, Watendlath… or wherever you happen to be (can you tell I’ve just spent a few days in the Lake District?).

It’s currently “quick and dirty”. Due to the weakness of Lightroom’s filtering, some important fields are not searchable. A follow-up release will cover these other fields, using dumb collections (and extra code).

The smart collection is currently only a single line. Again, a later release is planned to create multi-line smart collections.