Search Replace Transfer 1.30 fixes a bug, which 1.29 kindly introduced, but it also contains a new menu command – “Brute force” search which creates a regular or “dumb” collection and then adds images to it by performing a “brute force” search through the selected items or through the entire catalogue.

The intention is to fill in some gaps in Lightroom’s smart collection and searching capability. So it can search text fields like caption more precisely than Lightroom and it can also examine fields which Lightroom fails to search.

For example, let’s say you want to find all pictures in the catalogue which contain the exact phrase “red house” in the caption. Normally you might try a smart collection with a criterion such as “caption / contains all / red house” or “caption / contains words / red house”, but Lightroom would also identify pictures containing “girl in red dress in front of blue house” where “red” and “house” aren’t adjacent. So this command looks for “red house” as an exact phrase.

But it can also do the same on fields that LR won’t let smart collections examine. So it might look for the “∞” (infinity) or “20m” in the subject distance field, for example.

The result is a new collection created in a “Search Replace Transfer” collection set, and using the query as the collection’s name: