I’ve just released version 1.45 of my Search and Replace plug-in over at Photographer’s Toolbox .

This version is a significant upgrade. As well as including new Lr5 fields, I’ve updated the layout and added some handy new capabilities.

  • New: On Transfer tab, you can now save combinations of fields as Favourites
  • New: Replace characters in a text string (eg 12 through 25) – the beta version was used here
  • New: When appending a sequence number, user can now set the initial value
  • New: Lr5 fields available (smart previews, video)
  • New: Thumbnail of image shown ((Lr4 or upwards)
  • New: Creation and modification date and times available
  • New: Search and replace for text in keyword names
  • User able to switch off translation of fields in plug-in’s dialog boxes
  • Menus available when only video files are selected
  • Fixed: Bug in parse and audit where field length greater than 512 characters
  • Fixed: Bug fixed preventing previous tab being displayed upon startup
preview image

The layout is now clearer and Lr5 users will be able to preview the plug-in’s results next to the affected image.



You can now insert text from characters x-y.


sequential number

You can now set the starting point for the sequential number


new fields

New fields have been added, including some specific to Lr5



A new presets or Favourites feature allows you to save and recall frequently-used combinations of fields


chars from end

You can replace the last x characters of any field