I’m beginning to add a spell checking feature to my Search and Replace plug-in. If you want to say what would be important for your needs, please add comments to this post and I’ll see if I can implement the features you request.

There are two ways I may go. One, which I have tested on Windows, is to automate Word’s spelling feature. That’s messier on Mac so for that platform I would probably automate the OS-level spellchecker. This two-track approach would allow me to exploit corrections that the user has already made in Word, Outlook, Mac Mail etc. But it does involve platform-specific coding and would be much more work. The other alternative is to use a cross-platform library and Aspell has been recommended. I’d never heard of it, and I’ve no idea how good it is, but it may permit a simpler implementation. So that’s the route I plan to try first.

I’m probably going to initiate spell checking from a menu item (rather than intercepting the Export command) and will allow the user to specify which fields to target. Changes will be automatically written back to the metadata fields.

No guarantees on when it’ll be done or what features I can include. But what would be most helpful?