Another change I particularly like in Lightroom 2 is being able to add multiple external editors (via Preferences). OK, not everyone likes to have multiple versions of Photoshop installed, but it's incredibly handy to have other external editors just a click away - here for example you see that Noiseware's standalone application, my preferred noise reduction program, and PT Lens are just a right click away.

I never really used Noiseware standalone very often before Lightroom 2 - the Photoshop plug-in was a better fit for me. But I can now do most dodging and burning work in Lightroom, so it's no coincidence that I've found I am now using the Noiseware standalone more frequently and the plug-in correspondingly less. That may change back as I play with Imagenomic's new droplets for Lightroom (they also include ones for their Portraiture plug-in which I don't have). You place this set of Photoshop droplets in Lightroom's Export Actions folder and apply the chosen Noiseware treatment to batches of files exported from Lightroom. Here I've taken it a bit further by setting up some of these droplets as additional external editors, which lets me apply them directly to existing images via Edit With. Of course, this technique is not restricted to Noiseware - you can set up any droplet as both an Export Action for export batches and as an additional external editor for existing images. Neat, eh?