updateThe version of X-LR available on this site now includes some minor improvements since the initial version 1.40.0 was released.

If you want to take advantage of these, download the plugin again and install it.

Or just wait until I trigger the automatic update process for the next full version.


Version 2.0 ….

You can download Version 1.5 from here. This is the pre-release version which will be called version 2.0 and some significant improvements:

The next version displays key Fuji metadata in the Metadata panel and Library Filter

  • Supports Adobe’s v2 profiles for X-T3 and X-T30 cameras
  • Support for X-H1 Eterna film simulation
  • Extracts maker notes as custom fields
  • Can run a preset if the camera detected faces
  • Read ratings and film simulations from JPEG-only shots
  • Expert Mode
    • Incremental Lightroom slider values
    • Ranges of values – eg FacesDetected tag greater than 1 can apply a portrait preset
  • Better logging



As well as English, X-LR supports Italian, German and French, but I would appreciate help with Lightroom’s other languages – I have Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Portuguese ready. Email me if you feel like translating about 20 pieces of text in return for a free licence.

Feature requests and ideas

Go on, ask…..


What’s New in Version 2 of X-LR….

Adobe’s v2 profiles for X-T3 and X-T30 cameras

If Adobe add any more v2 profiles, you can set them up in the Plugin Manager:

Eterna film simulation supported

New custom fields automatically populated

Filter by custom field

Automatically set up filter columns