updateThe version of X-LR available on this site now includes some improvements since version 1.40.0. If you want to take advantage of these, download the plugin again and install it. Or just wait until I trigger the automatic update process later this month.

  • Faster launch when you have a very large number of presets
  • A fix for reading the star rating for raw+JPEG on same or different cards
  • For JPEG-only shooters
    • Read ratings
    • Create keywords to record film simulations
  • A new tab to increment LR’s Exposure slider for images shot with DR200 or DR400
  • The keywords’ parent can be in a hierarchy
  • Expert Mode
    • Incremental Lightroom slider values
    • Ranges of values – eg FacesDetected tag greater than 1 can apply a portrait preset
  • Better logging

I am still working on

  • Extracting maker notes as custom fields


As well as English, X-LR supports Italian, German and French, but I would appreciate help with Lightroom’s other languages – particularly Dutch and Spanish (I already have Swedish and Portuguese ready). Email me if you feel like translating about 20 pieces of text in return for a free licence.

Feature requests and ideas

Go on, ask…..