My unreleased version 1.70 will be renumbered as version 2.0

I hope you are well and are staying safe.

Hopefully you’re also finding ways to stay sane and to put the Coronavirus / Covid 19 lockdown to as good use as you can.

I doubt that I am unusual in trying to invest some of this grim period in doing things that I continually put off until tomorrow, domani, manana…. For me that has included re-reading old favourites, working on my pasta making and some other cooking skills, communicating with friends – in other words, all the normal stuff. I will say that my books have been 100 Years of Solitude and The Decameron (I have a black sense of humour).

But I also wanted to put some effort into updating my plugins, and have begun recording some videos showing how you can get the most out of them.

Some of the plugins were first written over 10 years ago. Isn’t that frightening? Back then I was new to the Lua programming language, and the old code looks fine though at times inelegant. All the plugins have had improvements over the years, but now’s the time to make big leaps forward.

There is a separate post on Open Directly, but I have also been doing a lot on Search & Replace – for example, see this video showing On This Date. So this is your chance – what would you like to see in Search & Replace?